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  • Bertrand Badré

An upgrade, not just of our model

We need an upgrade not an update of our model.

There are days where despite being stuck at home on the phone you feel overwhelmed by what’s going on and the size of what is happening.

The tragic statistics of the victims day after day of the virus. The unbelievable 3,3M people filing last week for unemployment claims in the US. The 2 Tn USD stimulus just passed by Congress. It is difficult to make sense of all these astronomical figures. Also knowing they are starting to shape a new world.

And I can’t stop wondering what comes next. A number of leaders says that nothing will be like before.

This reminds me of some promises made in 2008-09. And forgotten since.

We can’t repeat that sequence. We survived. True ! But we accepted to fall into an unsatisfactory « new normal »...

I do not want the next new « new normal » in few months to be like the previous « new normal ». It must be more new than normal.

Because we would have missed that 2nd opportunity would we have to face a 3rd more tragic one. Which would mean adding several zeros to the trillions. After trillions what?

We must design a new fair and sustainable model ! An upgrade not an update.

PS And one thing is for sure is that a number of textbook will need rewriting anyway. Next thought

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