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  • Bertrand Badré

French 'Fraternité'

Being French I was born and raised with the motto “Liberté Égalité Fraternité”. And in fairness I have passed more time to reflect from a social and economic perpective on the balance to be respected between Liberty and Equality. The first one often considered more “Anglo-Saxon” and the second one being considered a deep aspiration of french people. Pendulum has swung back and forth many times over the years. Debates never really stopped raging.

With that crisis I recognize the genius of those who first linked these 3 terms at the time of the Revolution.

Now is the time to upgrade FRATERNITY seriously when we discuss after. I have written several times that sustainability and fairness should be key, that market economy remain the best system invented to allocate resources under constraints.

I also believe that fraternity alongside solidarity and social justice should be at the heart of whatever after we have in mind. If not this will not be accepted. Acknowledging with the necessary emotion what health workers, delivery people, security forces, and so many others have done is a good beginning.

But this must go beyond. How do we cast FRATERNITY not only in the marble of our monuments but in real life in the world AFTER. HUMANITY is what it is about.

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