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  • Bertrand Badré

Lenin once said

Updated: May 10, 2020

Lenin once said: « there are decades where nothing happens and weeks where decades happen ». Not that I have suddenly become Leninist but this rings a bell.

Will the weeks we are « enjoying » be remembered as decades? In one sense yes. For those who have been confined the feeling of time passing slow has been disturbing. And the past few weeks seemed decades. Those on the front line, those who have suffered, those hit hard by the crisis will for sure have different perspectives.

The true question is whether these weeks will in retrospect look like decades where time has accelerated? And if yes in which direction? Backward or forward? Or look like decades where we would just have been treading?

It is too early too say. Much will depend on the decisions made and the avenues chosen in the coming months.

We should not fool ourselves: we still face the risk that these weeks will be seen as hurrying a global regression: decades of slow debacle accelerated during few poorly handled weeks.

But we don’t have to choose the express way to quicksands. We still have the option to turn these weeks into prodigious decades. Choosing for our planet a healthy fair and sustainable future.

The choice is ours. Time is limited but we now know time is relative #marktoplanet

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