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  • Bertrand Badré

The virus of the conspiracy theory

Behind the covid19 virus there are other viruses spreading fast. I mentioned in a previous post the one attacking solidarity between countries. It is still growing but it seems antibodies are being built even at a slow pace. One can also think of the virus of the conspiracy theory. Or the virus of blunt liars and disinformation. It seems the coronavirus is revealing or highlighting a lot of our pre-existing conditions.

It is also acting as a catalyst of good things fortunately.

Under the pressure we show both our angel and our beast as Pascal would say.

More worrying is the fact that some like Orban in Hungary have been able to get sweeping emergency powers that might survive the crisis. But you have similar attacks to freedom in a number of countries like the Philippines, Egypt, Iran to name but few where leaders seize the opportunity for their own benefits.

And it is all the more striking as given the lockdowns people cannot really demonstrate and show their discontent anymore. Remember ! We were all looking at the marches all over the world from Chile to Hong Kong, from Algeria to India. This is gone.

Not sure how freedom will emerge.

J’écris ton nom liberté ! Freedom I am writing your name.

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