Can finance save the world? (January 2018), Editions Berrett Koehler. Updated and revised adaptation of money honnie. How can we regain control over money to serve common good?
Money Honnie (October 2016), Editions Débats Publics.Taking stock of 20 years in finance. From the Euro to cop21. What went well. What went less well. What went wrong. Where do we go from there?
Eau (August 2004), Editions Robert Laffont. How to finance water for all? It is doable. Here is how. Translated in Spanish and Portuguese.,
“Life is too long to say anything definitely; always say perhaps”, Tolstoy
La mondialisation a t’elle une âme ? (October 1998), Editions Economica. Discussing the relationship between the various religions and spiritual currents and business and economic life. Is a universal approach plausible?
Entreprises en révolution (September 1990), Editions Jean-Claude Lattes. About manufacturing in France at the time of the French Revolution. How the few large companies faced and resisted or not an absolute crisis. Seen with the eyes celebrating the 200th anniversary of the event.