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« The horizon is what makes the man. There is the horizon that one is accepting and the horizon that one is moving back. One is sterile and he is there. The other one is an idea and he is fecund.... the horizon is being invented at the edge of needs and ambitions »

Jean Favier in « Of gold and spices »

Europe’s ESG Opportunity

Olivia Grégoire, Bertrand Badré 

System-Level Greening

Bertrand Badré

The Pandemic Must End Our Complacency

Bertrand Badré, Yves Tiberghien

The next phase of finance

Bertrand Badré

The financial sector's climate imperative

Bertrand Badré, Emmanuel Faber, Bertrand Piccard, Paul Polman, Ronald Cohen

The world is running out of time

Bertrand Badré

Don't waste the pandemic response

Bertrand Badré

The Next Frontier of Responsible Business

Bertrand Badré, Camille Putois 

Bertrand Badré Says More...

Bertrand Badré

Europe's Covid crossroads

Bertrand Badré, Mathilde Lemoine

Infrastructure unbound

Bertrand Badré

Making the most of emerging economies

Bertrand Badré

Financing the green transition

Bertrand Badré, Antoine Sire

The Post-Pandemic Recovery’s Missing Link

Bertrand Badré, Aurélie Jean 

What the G20 Should Do Now

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Erik Berglof, Helen Clark, Gordon Brown

Leveraging the World Bank’s capital increase

Bertrand Badré, Charlotte Petri Gornitzka

A second chance to fix finance

Bertrand Badré, Laurence Daziano

Is tech a new frontier for sustainability ?

Bertrand Badré, Philippe Heim

The case for mark-to-planet finance

Bertrand Badré, Amer Baig

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