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  • Bertrand Badré

A puzzle

Thought of the day: puzzling ?

Toilet paper and hand sanitizers have been in high demand. Puzzles too !

It means that some of us might become pretty good at it individually.

Could this talent diffuse at the collective level?

I have joined a number of discussions and interviews those past weeks and have been often asked if there are reasons to be optimistic.

And of course there are ! Every pieces of the puzzle right here on the table is a reason to smile. If we could only assemble them into the desired « common good » puzzle? We have most pieces and probably can engineer the missing ones fast.

Technology? Widely available. Need to make sure goes in right direction.

Health effort? Probably first time ever that so many people are searching in the same direction that fast.

Money ? We have never been that rich even if it just took a hit. Need to better allocate that capital with a global fair and sustainable perpective.

Coordination tools? No need to recreate G7, G20, WHO, UN, IMF, WB... need to make them work together and infuse leadership.

Public awareness? Never have so many people shared a common destiny even if obscured by the walls we are building.... Etc...

Puzzle party time ! . We owe this to this planet and its people.


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