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Back to normal?

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

I am not sure normal will ever mean anything simple. I started these thoughts of the day on the 9th of March. Irregularly till the 15th and then, once locked down, “every day”.

Quality has been uneven. But they reflect honestly and without filter my thinking throughout a journey like no other. They also had a selfish benefit since they also have been my daily meditation. You have been kind enough to read, comment or even encourage me.

All my gratitude for your patience and kindness.

We are now entering -or hope to enter- a more normal cycle. Of course we still have to count with the Covid and should not rejoice too fast. In the US obviously as in many parts of the emerging world it is far from over.

I however believe it is time for me to move forward and will stop for now the discipline and the joy of these daily thoughts.

Lots to do. Even more than usual. I guess this is what, at the end of the day, normal is 😉.

I will however continue to write from time to time “thoughts of the moment”. I have no doubt the newsflow will provide ample materials for the years to come.

And I will launch in the coming days my own website

All thoughts included and more.

Thanks a lot.

Stay tuned!


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