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Back to normal (3)

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

This crisis might give a push to new forms of action. Not only because we discovered digital ways of doing things: from webinars to operas!

More importantly because it has highlighted tensions between top-bottom and bottom up approaches and seen the emergence of ad-hoc coalitions. No longer just between states. Multi-stakeholders coalitions with governments, national and local, businesses, scientists, NGOs, international organizations, civic leaders, citizens etc

International governance not great to say the least. And not all national centralized heavy-handed governments have been proven right or effective.

Success has come when things have worked both ways: top to bottom and vice versa. They have worked when people from different places and with different views have joined forces and been listened to.

Going forward, it will remain critical.

With the vanishment of traditional leadership we need more coalition of the acting from all levels and of all kinds. That is how new ideas will emerge and be tested. Fast and effectively. This is where the energy is.

Sure it is a change. For me as well. Many are uncomfortable swimming outside their lanes. Many are reluctant to discuss things “not invented here”. First step is the most difficult.


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