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Back to normal (4)

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

If there is one word that could summarize the past few months it is probably « masks ». They have been a point of focus and a symbol of what worked well and less well very early on. I guess mask will remain in our mind for a while only surgical FF2 or N95. Home made ones have also flourished with creativity and talent. As a substitute to carnival excitement ?

And now in a number of circumstances, willingly or unwillingly, we will have to continue to wear a mask and better get used to it.

Not that we don’t know how to wear a mask and are in need of a training. Masks have always been part of our life. Actually masks speak loud and I have always been fascinated by James Ensor and what his masks say about us.

Maybe it is time to reflect on our masks and the role we play behind them.

To reflect also on the masks we force others to wear.

And to be fully aware of our masks and of the masks of others.

Maybe it is time to remove those masks - ours and others - before they become unremovable.

And time to switch to a new and more engaging masquerade. A masquerade aware that it is a masquerade. A masquerade where roles are not forever frozen.

We might come closer to a moment of truth. Willingly or unwillingly. Interesting times as they say.


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