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  • Bertrand Badré

Animal spirits

Now that exit strategies are being not only discussed but implemented, that recovery is being debated, that plans for a better world are being pushed through many “doors to AFTER”, maybe it’s time to see how to best leverage our “animal spirits”.

To be sure please note I make no connection whatsoever with the debate on the origin of the virus .

It comes from the Latin “spiritus animalis”: the breath that awakens the human mind.

Keynes reminded us our “animal spirits” are a key economic ingredient. They will largely ultimately decide when, where and how fast and far we move again.

Animal spirits have been locked down. It is now time to unleash them. With the appropriate care. Opening the cage is however probably not enough. After the shock they are unlikely to be immediately wild and running. Animal spirits should be an object of attention, confidence and encouragement.

First to make sure they feel comfortable to not only look forward but also to move forward. We need momentum, entrepreneurs, investors and consumers.

Second to make sure that the energy released will drive us in the right direction. To a sustainable future. Not simply again to where we came from. The good old days are back to the future.

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