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Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Quarantine is coming to an end. And so will soon my thoughts of the day. Sorry for some final detours which might seem too obvious for many.

Digital comes first to my mind. People say we have done in 3 months what would have taken 3 years if not more in “normal” circumstances. Done but not thought yet.

Digital transformation is not new. It has now become irresistible.

Malicious people might remember that 2000 the year of Google had two “oo” like Google and like 2020 the year of Zoom. Btw was 2010 the year of Facebook?

In 20 years internet has become a necessity. Like water and air.

In 20 years it appears there is no alternative. Another TINA. From shop to money or birthday parties all is going digital.

And as we know like any tool it can bring the best or the worst. If this transformation is not inclusive and at the service of people, if it is there to enrich the few not to serve the many it might fail and backlash. It is opening many doors. It might as well shut others.

It gives in theory access to everything at every moment from everywhere. It played well during the past 3 months.

But there is a dark side to it. From cyber risk to surveillance to job destruction to exclusion...

Speed is good. Make sure we stay in control though.


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