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Back to normal (2)

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

It has been widely said that the service industry has been hit hardest by the crisis. And latest figures released confirm this in most countries. And for obvious reasons. With the lockdown this part of the economy has been to a large extent brought to a halt. The pain will be felt for years. And many of the small businesses that were part of our daily landscape will be gone for good.

It has also been acknowledged that service and devotion have been widely and positively reassessed. The applauses that have resonated in many streets are testimony to the gratitude felt by many for healthcare and essential workers. Essential in that case means truly of the essence. May we remember if for more than a little while.

Service is a beautiful word and also an ambiguous one with many different meanings. I would like to focus on the most noble one. And hope that in the hopefully more normal times we are entering service will be and remain central.

Serving people.

Serving others.

Serving each other.

Serving our planet.

Serving common good.

Serving something bigger than ourselves. And sometimes even before ourselves.

Be useful of course but also be careful, be generous, be forward looking and be ..... kind


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