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  • Bertrand Badré

Be revolutionary to avoid a revolution ?

I made a reference to Lenin last week. And now to revolution ... is there a pattern?

Theodore Roosevelt, less known outside the US than his parent Franklin D. Roosevelt, has left behind him a significant legacy. Symbol of the progressive era, he succeeded an assassinated president at a time of social, racial, and economic crisis and unrest. He led a number of important reforms. His "Square Deal" - 30 years before the « New Deal » - promised the average citizen fairness, breaking of trusts, regulation of railroads, pure food and drugs... He promoted the conservation movement. He pushed for an income and an inheritance tax...

When I discovered his face sculpted on Mount Rushmore I wondered what made him so special for Americans.

At the end probably the following words: “I am not advocating anything revolutionary, I am advocating action to prevent anything revolutionary.”

Today’s leaders are facing the challenges of a lifetime. The risk of uncontrolled rising populism or even of a true revolution is more blatant than ever. Decisiveness is of the essence if we are serious about preventing an explosion and build a sustainable and fair century. IF we are serious may we find many « Teddy Bears » of that stature!



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