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  • Bertrand Badré

Can we chose our horizon?

In his book “Of gold and spices - the rise of commerce in the Middle Ages” Jean Favier a great French historian and a long source of inspiration wrote: « The horizon is what makes the man. There is the horizon that one is accepting and the horizon that one is moving back. One is sterile and he is there. The other one is an idea and he is fecund.... the horizon is being invented at the edge of needs and ambitions » Our horizon today is a dark line. A combination of sanitary anxiety, economic distress, social unrest and geopolitical tensions. We keep our eyes fixated incapable of looking beyond. Whereas we should imagine an horizon beyond the horizon. The horizon we need to invent not the one we are ready to accept or undergo out of powerlessness or fascination. We can jump on board the right ship, weigh the anchor and sail. We may surprisingly be at the dawn of great discoveries and new frontiers. Now is not the moment to fall sleep in our mental cages. Whether they are golden cages or more rusty. Now is not the moment to stay on our rails. Now is the moment to find the train switch, change rails, be adventurous and imaginative. Then we might reinvent a system and principles that work in the 21st century. #marktoplanet


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