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  • Bertrand Badré

Dependence, independence, interdependence

The focus on relocation of activities or sovereignty raises the question of the world we want to live in. Are we willing to undergo dependence with pain only because we have no choice? Adding the trouble of powerlessness to the lack of autonomy. Tech for many countries is already a good case. It will take time and money to regain a degree of freedom. Are we ready to pay the price of independence? With taxpayer’s and consumer’s money. We should not fool ourselves: there is no silver bullet that allow (except for the larger countries) to relocate activities for free. The debate is legitimate but must be transparent. Like for an insurance: better to discuss the price before. Or should we start thinking of interdependence in a positive albeit not naive manner. We are in it together but have different needs, values and priorities. We must take into account changing domestic pressures and circumstances. We need to find fast the balance between the benefits of trade, our inevitable interdependence and the need for national resilience. It will be chaotic. I hope reason will find its way. There won’t be any lasting policy of national resilience if we can’t invent and implement a sustainable global one. #marktoplanet


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