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Emotions in motion

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Emotions are a difficult thing to handle.

On the one hand we love them. We cherish them. We respect them. Just see the rising importance given to emotional intelligence.

On the other hand many believe they can obscure our judgement. And are prone to leading us into all kinds of dangerous « ism ». They don’t fit well with expertise and rationality, cold blood and distance.

It is one of these « objects » we tend to keep in a separate silo. And consider with both tenderness and suspicion. I could find millions of quotes from the most famous philosophers and artists to illustrate the point. And many more funny or less funny « memes » on the net.

I however believe it is urgent time to break the silos and find the words, the images, the sounds, the colors (from blue to orange or even garance) etc.... to reach to the emotion of people, the so called right side of the brain alongside their left side. If the path toward a resilient, sustainable, fair and inclusive world is presented as a technical optimum it is unlikely to convince anybody and draw the necessary energy.

Experts from all country unite, ... engage, choose your colors, images, perfumes ... and smile. The « coeur » is « core ».


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