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  • Bertrand Badré

Enlightenment & the boiling frog

I have been fed and bottled with the idea that we were children of the Enlightenment, that reason and critical thinking where a key to progress, that progress in itself was important, that knowledge prevails over superstition and science over magic. And that all humans were created equal. Could it be that all these pillars are under threat? That we are not only experiencing a sanitary crisis or the most severe recession in 100 years but something way deeper that might shake at the heart centuries of evolution. Is it just about western values? Or is there something more universal attached? Are we entering a darker age? An upside down Copernican revolution? I hope these are not trends and that I am overreacting to anecdotal evidences: construction of fortresses; proliferation of gurus; disappearance of any shared narrative; distrust, doubts and suspicion; challenges to privacy; tiered, split and fragmented societies; collapse of international governance.... Are we experiencing the boiling frog syndrome? Little by little we feel the heat without realizing we might end up boiled. Unless we stand up and recognize it’s time to pause and change course. Collectively building a fair and sustainable world for all. Enlightened.


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