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  • Bertrand Badré

Exit and de-confinement strategies

There is a growing focus on exit and de-confinement strategies.

Like on many issues we are split.

A part of us knows this is complex.

Another part would like to push the ON button and come back to normal. OFF then ON again ! We could be done and restart planning our life.

To move forward we need to reconcile these visions.

We need to believe there is a switch somewhere and that there is an “ON” again, that this crisis will have an end.

But we also must admit that if the lockdown could be executed in a couple of days the opposite movement is one of the most challenging we are facing.

The de-confinement is not only physical but also mental. It is not just opening the door and the windows it is about reconnecting our spirits. Not all will have have the same experience. The teleworkers are not the health workers are not the people who might have lost their jobs etc... how do we make society again?

The de-confinement will be sanitary, economic and social. And will depend on the final stage reached. How will our sanitary economic and social fabric end up? It is like a re-birth. We need to put the right thing at the right place with the right sequence and not all at once. We need to prepare ourselves. Not sure I feel ready yet. You? #canfinancesavetheworld


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