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Global or international

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

The globalist dictionary is made of few key words and concepts. It sometimes feel as we use them indifferently or have stopped paying attention to their differences: international, global, world, planet, union, federation, organisation, cooperation, forum...combined with health, football, bank, economic, fund, trade, development, aid, African or Asian or reconstitute most if not all the bricks of our « Supra-architecture ».

It seems however that all these names besides the strange familiarity gained over the years resonate with more than nuances.

Does it matter that the International Monetary Fund is not called World Monetary Fund? Or the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development is known as the World Bank and not the Global Bank etc

Now is maybe the time to explain to the people of our planet what is say global and what is international. Or regional. And why.

Globalization needs some redesign. Global has become scary because it seems to ignore borders, nationalities and sovereignty. Global means for many heat and pressure.

Whereas internationalism could be seen as a reminder that some issues require open eyes cooperation and our acting together. A necessity for the globe aka our world or our 🌍 !


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