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  • Bertrand Badré

Gulliver's travel

Updated: May 10, 2020

No connection between Gulliver’s travel and what we live today but ...

Often seen as a sharp criticism of Robinson Swift with Gulliver has also opened doors to many interpretations. For kids as well as for grown ups! Once heard nobody will ever forget the word Liliput.

Travelling with Gulliver in time of confinement is a genuine excitement.

Once Gulliver is too big. Then too small. Once he is wise. Then ignorant. Sometimes what he sees looks better than his dear England. Sometimes worse.

Beauty of travel! Some day again for sure.

Could we see Liliput as a metaphor of the virus preventing us from walking free? Is Laputa an image of deaf elites? And Balnibarbi a question to disconnected sciences? The immortality of the Struldbruggs looks so unattractive. And history as we know it is made of lies in Glubbdubdrib.

A travel that no lonely planet guidebook can offer out of our home.

« I replied that England...was computed to produce three times the quantity of food, more than its inhabitants are able to consume, ... But, in order to feed the luxury and intemperance of the males, and the vanity of the females, we sent away the greatest part of our necessary things to other countries, from whence in return we brought the materials of diseases, folly, and vice »

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