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  • Bertrand Badré

Immortal Achilles heel

The past few months have exposed our vulnerabilities and fragilities. Of all kinds: extreme dependence on China, weak links of supply chains, underfunding and under-equipment of hospitals, lack of preparation plans, bureaucratic failures, our own capacity to admit what was going on, our relationship with life and death ...

A small virus just highlighted our anthropological and ethical shortcomings and confronted our pride in the most direct manner. Speaking in markets terms.

We were long “all powerful”. Will death die soon?

We were long “blindness”. As long as there is music I can dance!

We were long “no limit”. If it is doable it must possible!

We were actually long “hubris” but short resilience. We were short solidarity. We were short a “systemic approach”.

In a nutshell we were long « models » and short « real life ». All was so great on paper.

We forgot our Achilles heel ! Our humanity.

This disqualify neither the idea of progress nor our ambition and our capacities. To the contrary.

It “just” reminds us that we will not get anywhere if our reasoning is not anchored within the reality of this planet and its people. In it together.

Now it is about rebalancing our portfolio.

Thanks Réseau Cartooning (Cartooning for Peace) & Maarten Wolterink


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