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  • Bertrand Badré

Lights in the tunnel

Now people are starting to discuss some timid lights in the tunnel.

Even if the news-flow is as sad and as bleak as can be and the suffering everyday more intense we still don’t know if these few months will remain in our mind “just” as a painful and tragic memory. A sad and vivid memory we will however never forget. How could we ? But life will go on.

Or will it be more than that with a true BEFORE and a true AFTER ? Will it be one of these moments comparable to a world war or the collapse of a state or the Great Depression which leaves nothing the same behind. ? A complete disruption of our entire life. An eraser of so many things. It is early days of course to come to a conclusion.

And the truth is that I am split.

I wish of course that this crisis is neither an eraser nor a destroyer of our life and at the same time I wish life is different after. And that the promises made this time will open a real discussion in our societies. And real changes. We will soon see.


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