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  • Bertrand Badré


Making sense of what’s going on is still difficult seen from one’s bedroom. We just learnt that over 43% of the worlds population is now locked down.

Of course not everybody is equal. It is way more difficult for some than for others. And I am among the very privileged ones. But more than 3 billion people (for once more than Facebook users ...) are in the same boat. Another form of globalization is taking shape. We have all hit the PAUSE button at the same time. We all hold our breath. We all pay attention to the suffering the sick and the dead and to the many people who devote their lives to help and support.

We all focus on the essential. Because the superfluous is gone.

Suddenly all is calm. A calm storm actually. Suddenly we are aligned. We discover the famous power of NOW. Irritating and reassuring. We are forced to face our contradictions. Uneasy.

And we would like to think that we will draw lessons. That « the after » will not be like « the before ». This is in our hands. We have to believe that this is not THEIR responsibilities but OURS. After PAUSE our job will be to push RESET not REWIND or FAST FORWARD. To regain control of the engine. For once. For real. For long. #canfinancesavetheworld #sustainability #sustainablefinance #marktoplanet


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