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More of the same

We are living in one of those periods where we wonder several times a day whether our center will hold to use the striking words of Yeats. This is when when should think out of the box and force ourselves to move away from the center to the periphery, take a different perpective on things and focus on looking beyond the horizon, where the next surprise might emerge. Be ready to imagine, test and move. Fast. But the truth is that many tend to “do more of the same”. More money, more people, more security forces, more regulations, more tweets, ... Doubling down on the existing. We believe we can’t be blamed for pushing our game to the limits. This is however most of the time doomed to fail. And the worst is that we know it. If we don’t address the root causes of our failures and seriously engage in the repair work we are likely to see a repeat. This requires among other things maverick thinkers and visionary leadership. People ready to defeat another well known source of rust and distrust: the “not invented here” which prevents any real cooperation to materialize. This applies to international governance as well as to corporate strategy or to vaccine distribution. We have to think and act anew. Together. A SpaceX moment ? #marktoplanet


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