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  • Bertrand Badré


Negative has become the flavor of the day. It started a while ago with negative interest rates. It was early on in the crisis followed by negative electricity rates in some parts of the world. And it made the headlines again yesterday with oil prices..... All of the above is raising eyebrows. What does it mean ? Is there a rationale behind it. Not easy to explain to your kids (and to adults too) how this is just possible. And this adds to anxiety and uncertainty.

Of course this is linked to negative GDP figures. And everything which in the economy is heading south.

Add to this negative feelings from so many places. Confinement impacts the morale.

I could also add the unsurprising beginning of (very) negative ads on the US campaign trail.

Of course doing that I am mixing negative apples and negative oranges. But the misunderstandings, anxieties and manipulations combined are weighing on all of us.

It is a challenge to be positive and forward looking. It is also an absolute necessity. It is a collective responsibility and an individual duty.

Don’t short optimism ! This is the value of the future. And read Tintin ... the black old obviously but don’t forget my favorite: the mystery of the blue oranges


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