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  • Bertrand Badré

Patient zero

Updated: May 10, 2020

Is the yet unknown patient zero the Gavrilo Prinzip of this early XXIst century? In other words is what happened in December in Wuhan - however unclear it still is - a new Sarajevo moment? One of these events which still small per se have eventually global consequences ? A stretched variant to the butterfly effect.

The depth, width, mechanics and speed of the crisis we have witnessed in the past few months is not comparable to many sequences of events in our history. Summer 1914 comes to mind. Of course a world war is of a completely different nature but there are similarities.

Before the two crisis there was also an element of sleepwalking. And some complacency with a certain form and shape of globalization.

We all hope the « comparison » will stop here. And not end up with a further dislocation of the world order and a failed peace.

Hope is that it will be shorter. Less dreadful. Hope is that we will collectively exit that period with the right compass and an unstoppable determination to make our world a better fairer and more sustainable one.

In that case Wuhan will not enter history the way unfortunately Sarajevo did 106 years ago.


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