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  • Bertrand Badré

The sorcerer's apprentice ?

Week-ends are for reading. Goethe‘s sorcerer’s apprentice made popular and famous by Disney Fantasia. Incidentally it has probably been the first movie I ever saw. Still printed in bold characters in my mind. I only read Goethe a little later .

It is an amazing tale. Valid for every period. We all are individually and collectively a little bit the sorcerer’s apprentice.

Progress and change are in the DNA of our societies. And we keep unleashing forces ...some we control, some we don’t. Particularly striking are the cases of technology and finance. They play cat and mouse with the idea of being servant or master. When we can’t control them catastrophe is close. We were there in 2008-2009. We did not totally clean the scene after.

Now a virus comes. And hit at full speed and with full strength our still unbridled system.

Time now to finish the wiping of the water. And to rebuild.

The lessons of the tale are obvious. No need to comment in too much details on a Sunday ...

We always can unleash forces but also need to control them with an iron fist, make the sorcerer in us accountable, and work with a purpose. Sustainability and resilience are once again of the essence. A little of magic does not hurt. Too much might ! #marktoplanet

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