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  • Bertrand Badré

Thought of the day: 360°

The newsflow seems more positive. Recovery is being actively discussed. Cautiousness remains the name of the game. But green-shoots pop up in many places. The temptation is to look forward and only forward. Hopefully towards a sustainable and equitable future. It will however not happen if we don’t open our eyes wide and look 360°. Poverty has been on secular decline for decades. This crisis has brought the trend not only to a halt but has reversed it. Projections differ but all point to a similar deterioration. In developed economies, the economic crisis and unemployment, mental health issues, housing concerns, social isolation ... will all take a toll. At the global level dozens of millions if not hundreds will be thrown back into poverty. The combined impact of the sanitary and economic crisis on pre-existing tensions and the many ripple effects on food chain, security, political stability ... will be devastating. All this requires a particular attention when moving to the next stage. We can’t afford not being inclusive. We can’t afford to not offer a serious and generous hand to so many people that run the risk of being left behind. Recovery must be for the many not for the few. Or else the price to pay will be immense. #marktoplanet#poverty

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