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  • Bertrand Badré

Thought of the day: a human touch?

We have just been through the largest productivity experiment ever imagined. We might have done in 2 months more than what was planned in terms of digital transformation over the next 2-3 years. This quantum leap experienced from our home could lead to the best or the worst. The best if it provides an acceleration in areas in need like health, education, e-Goverment,... and opens a world of opportunities to all. The worst if optimization at all cost comes back hidden behind the quest for resilience. The worst if it misses the human touch and centricity. “Man is the measure of everything” ... as per Protagoras and Plato. A reminiscence of my Greek lessons. As money, technology is a great servant and a poor master. We should keep control and keep an eye on macro as well as on micro issues. Macro: surveillance states or surveillance capitalism; all powerful tech conglomerate; unmonitored automation, robots or AI pushed beyond limits ... Micro : if zoom becomes the norm this will kill the pre- and post-meeting chit-chat and some of the transmission lines .... the salt of life. We need cracks in the system as they let the light pass through. Like with all tools the hand must be firmly in control. Not the other way round. #marktoplanet


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