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  • Bertrand Badré

Thought of the day : roots matter

One lesson drawn from this crisis is that geography matters. Borders. Sovereignty. Autonomy. Walls. Control. All are back in favor. Not always for good unfortunately. But there is in geography something more important maybe: the place you belong to. Being up in the air - and I must confess people have made fun of me 😉 - could have been a nice place to be but it can’t be seriously be a place you belong to. Roots matter. Humus and soil matter. Water and intrants matter. We can’t grow off-ground for too long. This is true for people. This is true for the economy as well. Economy has to be not only connected but rooted and anchored. This is a condition for its solidity and its sustainability. As I have said often in the past few weeks: the purpose of our economy is to solve profitably the problems of this Planet and its people. None of this is abstract or just Excel-based. The economy is not a layer above or on top or aside society. Economy needs and benefits from a vibrant resilient and confident society. It thrives when public goods are being taken care of. It nourishes itself from a rich soil. Which it will in turn nourish as well. Another circular and sustainable virtuous cycle. #sustainability#marktoplanet#canfinancesavetheworld


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