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  • Bertrand Badré


108 years ago on the 15th of April the Titanic hit an iceberg and sunk. I don’t think we are on the Titanic and will sink. I believe we will correct course. But this reminds all of us who have seen the movie 20 years ago of the poignant tension. Everybody was on the same boat but in different decks and in different classes. Today we are in the same boat. A majority on earth is locked down. Some are not. Health workers are on the front line. Many are providing support to vital functions. Some in a number of countries cannot even practice social distance and for them quarantine is almost meaningless while some enjoy a sunny garden. So many decks. We will have to make collective sense of these divergent experiences and make society again. Decks will remain but I hope we will be more conscious that we are on the same boat. No planet B. No people B. One compass for our navigation: common good. #canfinancesavetheworld #futureoffinance #developingcountries #sustainablefinance #financialsystem

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